The end of summer always makes us a little nostalgic and reflective. Golden sunlight, comfy sweaters, and long waits for pumpkin-spice lattes…This year, we have quite a bit to reflect on. Our new rebrand was the result of some serious navel-gazing this summer. We felt we needed to describe ourselves differently because we had changed so much.

More than 20 years ago, CBDx started as a company with a solitary graphic designer. By 2006, that had doubled, and then it doubled again, and then took off exponentially. Today we have a posse of designers, web developers, social media specialists, writers and strategists (it’s getting kind of crowded over here, in fact).

As we reflected, we kept coming back to our exponential growth. And quickly decided to use that X factor as part of our name: CBDx

If there can be a formula for success in the DC Metro marketing business, we’ve nailed it. We started with great clients and great work, multiplied by opportunities and creativity. Some of the same clients that were here in the beginning are still around, and many others have joined them, bringing new expectations.

Our formula didn’t just meet our clients’ needs – it exceeded them. Time and time again we used brains and strategy to deliver big, impressive client results. You can learn more about our Story of X and check out our summer’s branding work on our website at

As you take time this fall to reflect on what your brand stands for (over a pumpkin-spice latte preferably) we hope you find your own X factor to promote. Our story is 20 years in the making, but upon reflection, we realized that the stuff that is great about CBDx today was there right from the beginning.