With over 60 million fonts activated across the globe daily, it is easy for your business to lose track of where the fonts originated and if the license is still up to date. In a recent study, 80% of those surveyed do not read the license agreement.

This is a common occurrence, but your business can save time and money when planning your next project by keeping these questions in mind:

1. Is this font free?

When a font is free, generally the usage will be very limited. End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) terms can vary depending on the font software publisher, so it is important to read and check the terms carefully.

2. Does your font EULA cover all usages?

Often times software EULA’s don’t permit you to share or copy your font software with clients or other organizations that don’t have the license to use it. When companies buy and share fonts, they may not be purchasing at the right usage level.

3. Has font licensing been factored into the project budget?

Typefaces can range in cost depending on the type of font. If your organization is planning to use a custom designed font, it’s important to budget accordingly.

Taking the extra time to ensure your font is legal and properly licensed can give your organization peace of mind.