• When clients come to us, they bring a tremendous amount of information, often unknowingly. They tell us about their challenges and the results they want.

  • But we hear motivations. Market strategies. And we learn about their industry. Our team asks lots of questions. We do research to learn even more.

  • The analysis of all that input lays the foundation for the path forward.

  • Before we dive into to creative execution, CBDx gives our clients recommendations and options – so they can be involved in the process, not just the results.

  • Collaboration is a HUGE asset, allowing us to ‘WOW’ clients when they see our work.

  • Once we have a game plan and the strategy, the creative fun can begin. Our team is committed to creative that’s clever and well-designed, but also smart and fresh.

  • Creativity begins to glow.

  • The results are exciting. On one hand there’s a client who has worked with us to create effective marketing and they get to see their campaign really work—Deliver results. Attract eyes. Create action.
    On the other, there’s our team, watching the results while continuing to learn about the client, and their audience and market—so the next project can be even better.