Regardless of your goals, there are a few tips you’ll need before you jump into the holiday marketing frenzy:

Prep your website: Make sure your website is ready for prime time with an intuitive user interface and a seamless checkout or donation experience with multiple payment methods. Check your site’s mobile functionality. Mobile functionality is increasingly important; last year, mobile devices accounted for 67 percent of all digital traffic on Black Friday alone.

Start Early: Shoppers start planning holiday buying as early as October, so preview emails and promotions in early November are well-timed.

Now: Promote your newsletter or add an email sign-up form to your website to beef up your emailing list.

Next: Start promoting deals and doing giveaways in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Include a sneak peek or hints about the deals you’ll be offering.

Then: Create a sense of urgency just before your “sale” starts by creating a limited time offer or a temporary discount code.

After: Since the phrase, Black Friday, often means unbeatable offers, keep the momentum going by bringing back your too-good-to-miss deal during December… and maybe again in July.

Stand Out: For retailers, holiday sales are a battle for attention. If you’re not a retailer and marketing during the same time period, you’ll need to work extra hard to stand out and get noticed in your audiences’ inboxes.