It’s a candidate-driven, job hunter’s market which makes recruiting top talent more challenging and competitive than ever. Bold, fresh, innovative ideas are necessary to make your organization stand out to potential candidates.

Here are some best recruitment practices to help you think more like a marketer and help you be more effective in your recruitment process:

  1. Be Authentic in your Content. When crafting your job titles and descriptions, entice interest with content written for job seekers, not search engines.
  2. Engage Applicants with Visuals and Rich Media. Content alone may not convince an applicant to apply for your posting. Consider adding engaging visuals, or even a video about your organization’s culture, to your job descriptions and career pages. These are powerful ways to stand out in a sea of text-heavy job descriptions.
  3. Think Mobile First. According to research, 64% of American adults own a smartphone and 47% of job seekers use mobile devices in their search for a job. Career sites and descriptions must be mobile friendly first, desktop second. Doing so will give your candidates a seamless experience making them less likely to abandon your site.
  4. Use the Data Trail and Analytics. Use analytics and leverage that data to test your job titles and descriptions to refine your content. This will generate higher conversion rates on your job descriptions and postings and, in turn, lead to more highly qualified applicants.
  5. Take Advantage of Social Media. Maintain an active social presence to attract prospective employees. Beyond posting for jobs, include snippets of good things happening in your organization and with your team members. And, don’t forget to use social media to showcase your corporate mission.

Implementing these practices can result in greater engagement in your job posts and lead you on your way to better qualified applicants.