Project Description

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Website Redesign Turned Rebranding


Professional services firm DeLeon & Stang had an incredible closing rate but often found their prospects saying, “Wow, you are so different than your website.” Where their online presence and materials seemed dated and generic, people were surprised to find the firm was fresh and authentic. We were tasked with updating their website, but the problem ran deeper than a website. The brand they were marketing did not match up with the brand experienced by prospects, clients, and even employees. Before we could update the website, we need to rebrand them first.

At the crux of the rebrand, was not just finding out how DeLeon & Stang was different than their website but also learning how they were different than their competitors. Using a combination of market research, in-depth interviews and online surveys of internal and external sources, we discovered the heart and soul of DeLeon & Stang.

With that, we could then build out the network of brand assets DeLeon & Stang would need to effectively communicate their brand. The new brand launched in July 2020 and has since been very well received by both DeLeon & Stang team members, prospects, and clients alike. And the website is not only getting more views but more conversions.