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StrapCaddy Website



StrapCaddy was created by a retired veteran and engineer, who found it challenging to use hand-free devices in rental cars while traveling for work.  The engineer created a no tech solution that could be used in any car.

StrapCaddy was looking for a company to help him bring his product to the market. StrapCaddy secured a fulfillment deal with Amazon which allowed him to sell on Amazon and send non-Amazon orders to the Amazon Fulfillment House.

CBDx worked with StrapCaddy to create an easy to manage and easy to update Shopify site. The site used predeveloped tools to send orders to the Amazon warehouse for fulfillment so that StrapCaddy could concentrate on growing the business.

In addition, CBDx also set-up a GSuite account for StrapCaddy’s email, file storage, and office tools.