Project Description

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Our Web Design Services Tailored DeLeon & Stang’s Website to the Perfect Fit


In today’s digital age, a website is the heart of every great company’s marketing strategy. Professional services firm, DeLeon & Stang, started to worry when during meeting after meeting, they heard that they were nothing like their website. Where their firm was authentic, fresh, and always moving forward, their website was lagging, dated, and generic. This began to beg the question of whether the firm was missing out on opportunities from users who didn’t take the next step to meet with them and see who they really were. That’s where our expertise in web design and development at Communicate By Design-X came in, and that’s exactly what we brought to the table for DeLeon & Stang.

We worked with DeLeon & Stang to understand them, their goals, and their marketplace so that their website would be strategically positioned against competitors without losing focus of who DeLeon & Stang is. While initially, we bid on a WordPress Website, we recommended a shift to Squarespace, to make it more accessible for non-web developer savvy editors at DeLeon & Stang. Since we are part of the Squarespace Circle, we were able to customize Squarespace’s code so that the switch to Squarespace didn’t mean sacrificing any of the features. An added bonus, by using Squarespace, we were able to launch the site quickly.

Beyond creating a website that reflected who they were, we search engine optimized (SEO) for both keyword and local searches, minimized loading time, and implemented a chatbot improving discoverability and the user experience.