Project Description

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Digital Marketing Campaign Makes Mother’s Day the Top-Selling Holiday for Local Florist Amidst Pandemic


Like most floral shops, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been Mayflowers Floral Studio’s biggest sales day of the year. This year started like any other year, Valentine’s Day was busier than ever. But, right after Valentine’s Day, the world was turned upside down by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Like many small businesses, Mayflowers Floral Studio had to change their digital marketing strategy to adapt to the new marketplace.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we worked with Mayflowers Floral Studio on keeping their customers in-the-know about new operating hours, delivery and pickup options, and safety procedures through their website and social media and email campaigns.

On their Shopify e-commerce website, we helped Mayflowers Floral Studio add and update a notification bar and operating status page to give customers confidence in the safety of the purchase. We also optimized their Facebook messenger, which appears both on their Facebook page and website to answer pandemic related questions. This made communication with customers easy, accurate, and efficient. Both of these small tweaks helped them communicate their “safely open for business” status to their customers, instilling confidence in customers.

We utilized social media and email campaigns to drive traffic to the online store by sending frequent updates about the store’s hours, procedures, local vendors, and new products. In addition, we developed an email campaign to increase Mayflowers’ social following, by promoting a series of how-to videos that were exclusively published to social media.

During the months of the digital marketing campaigns, Mayflowers social presences saw an increase in followers and time those followers spent on the site. Overall the website saw a 20% increase in traffic over Valentine’s Day 2020, a 67% sales increase over Valentine’s Day 2020, and a 1000% increase in orders over Mother’s Day 2019.

Thanks to our digital marketing campaigns, we were able to help Mayflowers stay top-of-mind. With customers knowing the shop was open and operating online, and continuing to deliver joy through their quality boutique floral arrangements, we turned Mothers’ Day 2020 into the biggest day of the year at the local Florist.