Project Description

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Local Digital Marketing Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Goal by 300%


As the COVID-19 crisis reached its peak and stay-at-home orders were in full effect, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce (LCCC) came to us with an idea for a program. This program, Feeding Loudoun’s Healthcare Heroes, would give the Loudoun community—residents and businesses alike—a way to support and thank healthcare teams on the front line. The Loudoun Chamber asked if we’d be interested in helping them in launching the program, through a digital marketing campaign. The answer was, “Yes!” of course.

To meet the goal of providing 500 meals to front-line hospital workers, we knew we needed to stand up a campaign quickly. Also, we needed to consider that the Loudoun County Chamber brand traditionally spoke to businesses, but this campaign needed to be seen by the residents too. We recommended moving forward with a sub-brand for the program, a social media campaign that would drive traffic to a landing page, and turn givers and local businesses into influencers.

We had the landing page and social media kit ready in 1 week, and print assets prepared in 2 weeks. On the first day of the campaign, we saw a conversion rate of over 30%. We expected it to drop, but it never did. The lifetime conversion rate of the campaign was 32%. What’s more, the community’s generous donations blew LCCC’s original goal out of the water. Instead of raising $5,000 for 500 meals, over $20,000 was raised, and more than 2,000 meals were delivered to local hospital employees. In addition to those 2,000 meals, most of the local restaurants involved in the program matched the community’s donations with additional food and beverage contributions.