Project Description

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Creative Solution Leads to Impressive Marketing Materials


TeraThink is an exceptionally resourceful team of information technology and management consultants. They needed new marketing and sales materials following a merger that evolved their scope and resources. Investing in a printed piece was necessary, but TeraThink didn’t want to risk being stuck with out-of-date marketing materials. We understood the needs (and risks) for both evergreen and editable collateral. We recommended a smart solution: digital printing and Microsoft Office templates. This solution meant an evergreen brochure could be updated as needed since it could be printed in small batches cost-effectively. And that the sales team would have materials that they could edit copy to meet their prospects’ challenges.

Like most, the mindset of digital printing & Microsoft Office is that it’s a cheap looking solution. We wowed them with a brochure design that included a die-cut and spot gloss that could be printed digitally. Similarly, we gave them easy to use Microsoft Office templates that elevated their communications & presentations—without deterring from the brand.