In 2013-2014, CBDx went through the rebranding process. As a group of creatives, we’ll surprise you when we tell you that our rebranding started on the desk of our Market Research Analyst.

Here are some tips from that /about/process.

1. Reflect on Who You Are

In 2013, we began questioning: Do our clients know what we have to offer? Or, in other words, do our clients know our brand? Do we know our brand? Bravely, we set the question to our Research Analyst, Kathy.

Why Kathy? We needed objective data from all of our touch points because…

A brand is the heart and soul of the company. It is the way your customers and employees feel about you, what you offer, and how you offer it.

Even small businesses have a brand, and your brand is your company’s most valuable asset.


First things first, take time to reflect and research the following:

What makes me unique?

What problems am I helping to solve?

Who is my competition?

What am I offering? Who am I offering it to?

How do my customers feel about me?

2. Refine your Brand Message

Kathy brought us the mostly good (and the bad) touchpoint data. This data (even the bad) helped us see who we are and what we needed to do to become who we wanted to be.

Our name and tagline were our first problems to overcome. These primary elements of our brand message no longer described what we did. It was time for a change.

After reviewing many names and taglines, we ultimately decided to modify our current name. We chose to do this because our research indicated that we had built a recognizable name for ourselves in the community. We couldn’t abandon that brand equity, but we needed to change how we described ourselves.


Take time to reflect on what the research is telling you. Create a message that defines the essence of your brand. It may be tempting to create several different messages to appeal to every customer; instead choose one message and stick to it.

What are some branding lessons or tips that your business has found helpful? Please share them with us in the comments below.