Is it possible to incorporate big data without losing creativity? At CBDx we thrive on the numbers and analytics, but we know that great marketing is a mix of strategy and art. Creativity – it’s that intangible characteristic that organizations strive to cultivate.

The divide between creativity and big data is something most companies face. Big data is a great marketing tool. It can provide relevant insights and help manage your company’s marketing projects. Marketing doesn’t have to be fundamentally challenged by big data; it can serve in either a transformative or complementary role.

One example of melding creativity and big data is Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. The 2004 data revealed that “only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful”. Dove then launched the first of many campaigns geared to widen the definition of real beauty. The data was the foundation, but when coupled with the right mix of creative genius, it created the award winning campaign that ran for over a decade.

It’s clear that creativity is a key component to successful marketing efforts. Adobe recently commissioned a study, the creative dividend, which explores how creativity impacts business culture, market share, and growth. 82% of surveyed companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and desired business results. One key takeaway from this study was the importance of putting creativity on your company’s agenda.

As we approach 2015, the challenge many organizations will be facing is how to meld creativity and big data together. As research shows, the right blend of strategy and creativity is possible, and it should be added to your organization’s plan.