Facebook announced last week that there will be changes to news feed algorithms. This update will essentially balance content and showcase friend updates on personal news feeds over business posts.

According to a recent post from WSJ blog: “Facebook said it made three changes: It relaxed a rule preventing users from seeing multiple posts from the same sources; it will promote photos, videos and updates from a user’s friends higher in the news feed; and it will show users fewer updates about friends “liking” or “commenting” on a particular article or post. Those stories will be dropped lower in the news feed, or not shown at all.”

Here is an example of a post that Facebook users are less likely to see in their news feed with the new algorithms:


Many businesses are wondering how these new changes are going to affect their page. With nearly 1.4 billion users, Facebook has become a valuable marketing channel for many businesses. The news feed change will make it more difficult for businesses to reach as many users without paying for ads.

In addition, companies can focus on the following takeaways:

1. Craft Quality Content
Create relevant posts that speak to your audiences instead of overwhelming your followers with several posts a day. 2. Social Sharing on Website
Enable social sharing tools on your site so more people can share content on their own personal Facebook accounts.

How is your company adapting to the Facebook news feed updates?