Google may be the leader within the digital advertising space, but a recent Comscore study reveals that marketers may want to explore allocating budgets to some additional platforms.

Among these digital platforms, Yahoo ranked second, followed by Facebook, AOL, Amazon, and Microsoft. These sites see an excess of 150 million unique visitors each.

digital advertising top digital properties

Another key arena to invest your advertising dollars is Facebook. According to the report, “Facebook remains the goliath of social media, leading all social networks with 81 percent reach of the total digital population and nearly 230 billion minutes of user engagement”.

digital advertising social media sites

Investing in a mobile presence is another way to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. Smartphone accounts for 75 percent of all mobile phones in the U.S. Having a mobile presence can help grow your business, meaningfully engage more customers and increase brand awareness.

digital advertising smartphone penetration of mobile phone market

What digital advertising channels have been working for your company or organization?