Taking on your Recruitment like a Marketer

It’s a candidate-driven, job hunter’s market which makes recruiting top talent more challenging and competitive than ever. Bold, fresh, innovative ideas are necessary to make your organization stand out to potential candidates. Here are some best recruitment practices to help you think more like a marketer and help you be more effective in your recruitment

Is it Time for a Web Redesign?

A website redesign is a business investment that can impact your business in a positive way, but it can also take a significant amount of time. Why make the investment? A vital web presence is crucial for maintaining leads, conversions, and making sales. So, what makes a website redesign a worthwhile investment? Here are a

3 Ways to Optimize your Small Business with Website Automation

Today’s small business owners cumulatively spend four billion hours on administrative tasks, according to a survey from OfficeMax.  If time is money, then small business owners need all the time they can get. One of the hidden tools in your arsenal is your website. Optimizing your website can increase efficiency and free you up for

4 Ways to Leverage Social Media on #GivingTuesday

Entering its fifth year, GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. The movement estimates a 470% increase in online donations since its inception. Here are a few ways to leverage social media for your association and engage both new and old donors. 1. Tell Your Story

Microsites: 3 Best Practices for Your Next Event

  Did you know that every day, more than 2 million pieces of content are published on the internet?  This offers a unique marketing challenge for associations who are gearing up for a big event and deciding what online platforms to utilize that will attract and engage potential attendees. Instead of re-building your organization’s website

8 Creative Social Media Marketing Tips for your Next Conference

Is your association gearing up for your next conference? Are you looking for ways to curate events while increasing engagement and awareness? In this post, you’ll discover some creative ways to utilize social media marketing for your next conference. 1. Create your Social Strategy The earlier your association can create a basic social marketing blueprint

5 Amazing Blog Tools to Save Your Time and Sanity

Whether you are a beginner or have been blogging for years, having the right tools can save both your time and sanity. One-Tab Looking to reduce your tab clutter and boost your computer memory? OneTab is a free tool that collapses all of your open tabs into one. It also helps create a distraction-free writing

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses

It’s easy to get lost in the mix with social media. For some small businesses, the process of social media adoption can be somewhat overwhelming. There are many social networks out there, but your business does not need to be on all of them. Here is a breakdown of the major social networks, including user

4 Online Reputation Tips that Every Small Business Needs to Know

Nearly one in three U.S. consumers are influenced by social media in their purchases, according to a recent study. In the digital age where consumers readily share their experiences with businesses online, protecting your online reputation is vital for small business success. As a small business, your online reputation is the image created of you

3 Content Hacks to Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Did you know that the average human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish? Creating content that not only captures a reader’s attention but also keeps it can be challenging. This post will cover a few content tips and tricks that your nonprofit can implement to increase engagement and grab the reader’s attention.