Asim Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer

Sim Shaikh has over 25 years of management experience, with leadership positions with companies like Compaq, AIG, and Allianz AG. His forte is business strategy, business development and HR management. For more than a decade he has been living his childhood dream of running his own businesses. Sim is great believer in reinvention. He moved his family to the US last year and kicked off a new career flipping the rules of the marketing game to chart the CBDx direction.

Sim is an experimental eater and an avid Golfer. What does he enjoy the most? It’s a toss up between a Maine lobstah and a 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway.


Jennifer Ferraro Randolph

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Ferraro Randolph has been with CBDx for over 10 years, where she develops project plans and marketing strategies for the firm’s various association, business, and non-profit clients. She’s a whiz at multitasking and empowers a unique set of skills that include not only marketing and design, but also database design and development, IT, and project management.

Jennifer is never without her smartphone and only half-jokes that she could keep CBDx running from a deserted island.


Kevin Taylor

Director of Business Development

Kevin brings over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience to his role as Director of Business Development for CBDx. With a background as a trained designer, he always has a keen eye for successful communications. His agency experience includes websites, branding, marketing, mailing and printing strategies. Kevin successfully guides clients to CBDx and helps them navigate what matter most to their business, which is different for each client.

He keeps his eye out for opportunities to be outside – always looking for a good bike ride, hiking adventure or 5K to run in.

Kristin Rock

Creative Writer

Kristin is an avid reader. She’s rereading books she liked as a child and finding new elements to the stories.

Kristin is an amazing cook and baker. She makes trays with more than 25 different kinds of cookies during the holidays.



Julie Fletcher

Copy Editor

Julie admits to loving grammar in grade school (remember diagramming sentences?!)

Buzz! Julie can’t live without caffeine. She gets hers from coffee, chocolate and Coke.



Sugako Kawai-Cozart

Art Director

Sugako is an animal lover. Her life is pawsome with her 9 rescued cats and pit bull mix. Illustration isn’t just a hobby for Sugako.

She designs for clients and has even developed a character to represent herself.



Viki Hankesz

Project Coordinator

Viki loves nature and often hikes and canoes with her family.

Viki knows postal regulations inside and out. From memory she can tick off all the options for mailing a promotional piece—and the benefits of each!