Time is money and every busy marketer is always on the hunt for the best tools to help optimize their social media strategy and ultimately increase productivity.

Here are seven social media tools that every marketer needs:

1. LikeAlyzer

LikeAlyzer helps you measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages. This free tool provides very helpful insights on your Facebook Company Page, such as page ranking, posting times, best post, etc. Just enter your Facebook Page URL and click “Analyze”.

2. Swayy

This time-saving tool helps you discover the most engaging content to share with your audience on social media. Customize your Swayy account by adding the topics you want to know about. You can also sign up to receive a daily email full of great articles to share with your readers.

3. Alltop

This content curation tool is coined as the “online magazine rack” of the web. You can find articles from over 32,000 information sources.

4. Mention

This free tool monitors your brand in real-time. You can create alerts for your name, brand and competitors. This social media monitoring tool can put your mind at ease, as you can easily track what is being said about your business on the web and social media. Daily alerts can be sent directly to your email.
Mention is available on iPhone and Android app so you can monitor activity on the go.

5. Bitly

Tracking your links is one of many steps when sharing content. Bitly allows you to easily save and share your favorite links from around the web as well as your own content. You can sign up for a free account and enter the link you would like to shorten.bitly
When creating a link, you also have the option to customize the url. This can be very handy if running a specific campaign, company event, etc.
In addition, once the link is created you can see how many clicks it receives as well as other useful traffic data.

6. TweetReach

Never wonder what happened to your tweet again. This insightful twitter tool provides measurements on the reach of Twitter accounts, brands, campaigns, events and hashtags. The report will show who re-tweeted your content, estimated reach and exposure. A free account provides the basic info you need, but they also offer a Pro membership with more in-depth analytics.

7. Google Docs

Staying organized saves you time in the long run. Google Docs allows you to create and share spreadsheets quickly. It can be a great place to keep your social media analytics, content calendars, etc.

We realize that this barely scratches the surface when it comes to great social media tools. What other social media tools would you add to this list?