Social curation of live events can be a great way to increase your company’s online presence, bolster engagement and build your social network.

We recently covered a local school talent event called “Thunderstruck” and thought it would be useful to share a few best practices for social promotion and live tweeting:

1. Create a unique hashtag for the event

Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without, yet only 24% of tweets —during the time of the study— used them. Using a hashtag is a key component to help your company track event engagement before, during and after the event. Before settling on a hashtag, conduct a twitter search to make sure it’s not being overused and is unique. Selecting #socialevent would be too generic and your event would get lost in the mix. Instead, create a hashtag that is directly tied to your organization’s conference or event. A good hashtag is also short, as your twitter character real estate is precious.




2. Begin pre-show promotion

Just like traditional event marketing, pre-show promotions increase exposure. Use the event hashtag in all social promotions and, if possible, include the unique hashtag in traditional marketing channels to create buzz.

unique hashtag in traditional marketing channels to create buzz

3. Schedule content promotion

If your company is using a social media tool to schedule social outreach, go ahead and pre-load a few teasers about the event. This helps alleviate some of the stress when arriving and setting up for the event or, worse, finding out the Wi-Fi is not working. (This happens more often than you would think.)

4. Create a Twitter list

One trick, when curating live events for your business, is to create a Twitter list. Find and follow Twitter handles for the event speakers and sponsors and set-up a Twitter list. Having these handles handy will make it easier when you are live tweeting, since some Twitter handles can be hard to find.

5. Use your social channels to capture the different elements of your company’s event

The big day has arrived. Highlight the event by sharing photos, videos and memorable quotes. Remember to include the unique hashtag. This is also a good opportunity for your business to share what others are saying through re-tweeting and following the event hashtag.

Utilizing live social media coverage for your business’s events

Utilizing live social media coverage for your business’s events can be a fun and engaging way to spread the word about your products and services as well as connect with your community.

How does your organization use social media for business events?