Pristine business cards and face-to-face meetings are becoming scarce as we navigate a different world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything at a distance, digital marketing, online brand presence, and digital marketing tools are more critical than ever. We’ve put together five must-haves to add to your marketing toolkit and equip your team to be successful in the new normal.

Must-have #1: a polished email signature. In a socially-distanced world of business, the majority of communication takes place entirely online. A customized email signature with your logo and contact information stands in place of the traditional business card. It also adds a professional touch to each message.

Must-have #2: a crisp and cohesive PowerPoint template for virtual meetings and presentations. Creating a professionally branded and designed PowerPoint deck for your organization ensures your audience can clearly understand your content while getting a clear picture of who you are as a brand. Studies show that after three days following exposure, we retain 65% of information if it is presented in visual form versus 10% when only heard. Implementing these small tweaks to enhance visual components can create lasting impressions for your virtual meetings and webinars.

Must-have #3: a custom video background for virtual meetings. Implementing a clean, custom background with your organization’s logo takes the hassle out of finding a suitable location to host meetings from home. A custom background also creates consistency and an overall professional presence in the minds of your audience. Whether you choose to put on pants for your meetings is up to you.

Must-have #4: web-optimized marketing materials. Adapting your existing marketing materials for online accessibility is another excellent way to keep your audience engaged. Try transferring your brochures to online and interactive formats such as an interactive PDF.

Must-have #5: a monthly newsletter. Implementing a newsletter and other communication touchpoints throughout the month can help you keep your company’s internal and external audiences engaged. It’s as easy as 1 to 2 emails a month to keep your audience engaged. But be careful, sending too many emails can have a diminishing return.

Is your new-normal marketing strategy incomplete? Let’s talk about your marketing goals and how we can help you achieve them.