According to the Case Foundation, 74 percent of nonprofits use social media as a means to share events and broadcast what they are about instead of engaging their donors.

The Urban Institute found that prospecting for new donors is generally costlier than maintaining connections with existing ones.

Here are a few best practices for donor engagement and retention:

1. Build Donor’s Trust through Transparency

Nearly half of nonprofits (47%) find that the pinnacle of engagement is a donation, according to a recent survey from the Case Foundation. Build trust by accurately reporting and showing your donors how their money is being used.

2. Create Rich Content

Tell your nonprofit’s story in a meaningful way to engage with your donors and make them feel connected to your mission. Saying “thank you” also goes a long way and can make donors feel far more involved and connected to your content.

3. Find the Right Communication Balance

Nonprofits are 10 times more likely than donors to feel they’re not communicating enough, while donors believe the frequency is about right or in many cases too much, according to a recent study. Utilize multiple marketing channels to reach donors more effectively and be sensitive to the frequency of communication.

4. Look Beyond the Numbers

A donor engagement study found that only 52 percent of donors feel like the organizations they support take their preferences into account when communicating or appealing for donations. Nonprofits should look beyond the donation and get to know their donors.

What strategies or best practices has your nonprofit used to engage and retain donors? Share them with us in the comments.