Today, there are currently 28,443,856 small businesses in the US. With this competitive business landscape, your brand needs to stand out.

Whether you are re-branding or just starting your company, your brand makes an impression on your customers and employees. Here are some tips to create a strong foundation for your brand.

1. Define Your Product or Service

When defining your brand, it’s important to become focused on what product or services are being offered. A few questions to ask:

What are some of the main goals?

What problems am I helping to solve?

What is your brand saying about you?

What makes you unique?

Is your brand memorable?

2. Stake Your URL Claim

Once you have established the basics of your brand, check on what URL domains are available. Even if you are narrowing down your brand name options, it’s good to purchase the rights to the domain early in the game. If it’s not available, go back to the creative drawing board.

3. Refine your Brand Message

Creating a message that defines the essence of your brand can be somewhat daunting. It may be tempting to create several different messages to appeal to every customer; instead choose one message and stick to it.

4. Reflect

Guy Kawaski suggests companies ask themselves this question: “If we don’t spend a dime on marketing, will people be aware of our brand and understand what it stands for?”

During our re-branding last year, we felt we needed to describe ourselves differently because our company had expanded our service offerings. After much reflection, we kept coming back to our exponential growth and decided upon: CBDx.

What are some branding lessons or tips that your business has found helpful? Please share them with us in the comments below.