Today’s small business owners cumulatively spend four billion hours on administrative tasks, according to a survey from OfficeMaxIf time is money, then small business owners need all the time they can get. One of the hidden tools in your arsenal is your website. Optimizing your website can increase efficiency and free you up for more income-producing opportunities.

Here are a few ways your website can automate some of your business processes, help your business save time, and optimize your web marketing.

Connect your Website to your CRM Software

By connecting your website to your CRM software, your website can be a useful tracking tool to gain key insights into your customers and prospects, which in turn optimizes your sales process. It also means that leads go directly into your sales stream taking advantage of any automation that you have set up there.

Optimize your Online Forms

The default for an online form is email information to your inbox. Optimize it by adding more fields to your form to gather information about why the user is contacting you or what they are requesting. You can then take this information and send messages directly to different departments based on user selections.

Streamline Social Media Engagement

In this increasingly digital world, small businesses often get stuck in the tedious task of managing their many platforms. Consider installing a plug-in to auto post your blogs directly to your social media platforms.

Keep in mind that automation is a great tool – but use it judiciously. Make sure you don’t automate your business beyond the point that it loses its personal touch. Start slowly and keep an eye on how your customers respond to it.

What experience(s) have you had with automation and how has it impacted your business, customer relationships, and marketing?